Friendship too has theories!

Facebook is dying, naturally. Everything that begins has to end. That was what happened to Orkut. It is what is happening to Facebook.

I had been losing interest in Facebook when one of my friends started this secret group. Here all started posting photos and comments teasing each other which we would not normally post in public. It soon became a hit, and word spread around. Now, more friends wants to join. I really wanted them too to be part of the fun, hence I added them. But the admin, another friend of mine, doesn’t want to make it open for them. I felt sorry for them.

Obviously, the radii of friendships greatly differ among people.

Friendships are an integral part of human life. As with any other thing, experts have put forward views and theories regarding friendship too!

1. The Alliance Hypothesis
We make friends to side with us in arguments. The more we have on our side, the more stronger we feel!
Ooh! That sounds like we’re in for a fight!

2. The Familiarity Hypothesis
The more familiar we get with the person-the more we see him, the more we know him – we get closer.
That would explain the alphabet segregation I observe in schools and colleges. The closer persons are in the roll list, the more probability they are together in classes.

3.The Similarity Hypothesis
Classic “Birds of the same feather flock together”. No further explanation required!

4. The Exchange Hypothesis
One befriends another looking at the rewards of being in the relationship. Ugh! I hate the very idea of this!

Research says that alliance hypothesis is the best explanation for friendships.

Interesting!  I thought friendship was an unconditional love and liking for the other person, no matter what side of the argument he takes. Didn’t we all learn that we must expect nothing out of a relationship, and here’s the research, telling us we don’t do anything simply out of concern!