My hobbies are, were…

Hobbies: Yes, thats what you do to kill your time. The linguistic experts have an alternate definition.
According to the Oxford Dictionary a hobby is “an activity done regularly for pleasure”. Regularly? Yeah I get it. Frequently. But how long should I do it? A year? A month? A week?

Last day, I got chatting with someone I met while travelling. We talked about many things when she asked: “What are your hobbies?” I had not heard that question since my primary class where we had to write a composition on the topic “My Favourite Hobby”. I am not looking for a job yet, hence I haven’t faced the query in a job interview either. So the question set me thinking. I paused for a while and thought.

I have had so many hobbies in my past years. I’m sure most of you would say the same. One may say its because I just got bored of each, but I’m not sure. I’ve loved everyone of them and each of them at their respective times were my absolute pleasure. But I just happened to move on when I found another. Maybe thats what is called growing up!
I don’t remember exactly how I got drifted away from each, maybe I did get sick of some of them. But mostly I think its because somebody planted this new idea into my head. Some began as schoolwork, and ended up a hobby. Well, I am a nerd who took school seriously (but enjoyed every bit of it!), so maybe it was a nerd-y thing.
Some of these were sheer time-pass but I have learnt so much from many others. They made me what I am today.
I’m still a young gun who may seem serious from the outside but  is a real child at heart, full of enthusiasm. I’d jump at anything interesting that comes my way. And I’d like to remain that way, always. For I think what makes an adult different from a child is curiosity. Once you stop being curious, you stop learning. When you stop learning new things you grow. Old. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, they say. But if its a dog that has kept learning tricks all his life, I bet he can. And thats what I wannabe. Even when I grow old, I’ll keep learning new things.
By recounting my hobbies and retracing my steps, I can go back to my old days. I can relive those great moments again.  Now don’t go thinking I’m an old woman. I’m just into my youth! Hey, who’d want to let go of their golden childhood?! Not me, anyway.