Why social networks scare me

Yeah. They do.

Among the multitude of social networking sites, I’ve joined just one-Facebook. And a bad facebooker(is that the word?) at that. The only reason I have joined was to keep connecting with my family overseas and keep in touch with my old friends. Nobody gives a call now! They only drop messages or post in your walls!

So I’ve got what I needed, but there are extras I hate!

1. Those never-ending friend requests

From people you hardly talk to. Or worse from those you hate (and they may be knowing it too!). And even from people you don’t know from what place, no chance of having met or even meet in the future.

2.You are judged by your activity online

It’s no place to be for introverts like me. Introverts in the virtual world. In the real world I am a chatterbox. With a loud volume.

Speaking of which, I would like to present to you my classification of Facebook users.

Extroverted extroverts
They are as much a chatterbox in all worlds. They like everything, give in comments like Lol or Cool in every posts, and updates their status more often than they blink. Bring out laughs and chatter wherever they go.

Extroverted introverts
Logged in 24×7. Maybe they have nothing better to do. When seen real-time, only the choicest of words drop out of their mouths. If only they had that online courage in the real world! The banes of unlimited connectivity!!

Introverted extroverts
Prefers face to face chat than hitting away the keys. Virtual persona dull compared to who they really are. Must be keeping busy with better things out in the wild.

Introverted introverts
Akin to dead torrents. Even goes invisible. Acting true to their real persona. I have seen some truly great minds in this category!

3. Online fights versus offline fights
You never know how and when little jokes deviate into abusing and bad-mouthing. In real-life, you could try not to let things go out of hand, but here, God knows how to put an end. ‘Coz I’ve got the f###### right to freedom of speech! In real-time, you may juat miss that spot due to lack of timing. But time is at your service here to brew up that reply which hits the sweet spot! The very reason why quarrels lasts looong.
And these things happen right under your nose. If you ever go near to pacify, gone is your case! You learn to never repeat your mistake.

4. Your images are at anybody’s disposal
You never know who is gonna share your photo and where it finally ends up. Yet again, with unlimited freedom at our disposal, one can never be sure of anything. I personally have had experiences where my photos were shared and posted in contexts I could hardly have imagined. It mesmerises me how the powerful the human mind is!

5. Delete malfunction
An oft-discussed topic. How long facebook stores our personal information and images despite deleting them. I can never fathom the intentions behind these actions. And I can never get my head around those deftly worded privacy policies!

To sum it up,
I don’t digg facebook coz u never have any flickr of an idea on what your tweets might stumble upon that evades your(my)space with people linked-into you(r)tube of life!


Of Chocolates and Hormones!

What is this deal with women and chocolates?
The very sight or thought of chocolates makes my mouth water. I hear it is the same with very many females. Chocolate is just one thing females can’t resist. But we cannot afford to give into our cravings! ’cause it makes us fat and we can’t afford to be so! How easy (and yummy!) it is to have the chocolate, but how hard it is to shed the kilos!


Image courtesy: http://www.umassmed.edu

And yesterday, there was this vendor in train selling chocolates. He was walking up and down the ladies’ compartment and my hands were itching to pick one despite having had a chocolate only an hour earlier. I could see some other girls eyeing his basket tentatively, weighing their options.
I am not sure about this observation, but I have seen that boys are not too much into chocolates. It made,me think, is there any relation between hormones and chocolate?
Apparently, yes.
Magnesium deficiency causes a craving for chocolate, one of those food substances having high magnesium content. Magnesium deficiency can be brought about by an excess in estrogen, as can occur in premenstrual period. Hence the craving.
Magnesium deficiency can also cause muscle cramps, like leg cramps, intestinal cramps and uterine cramps.
Some foods rich in magnesium are rice/wheat bran, watermelon seeds, dried herbs, dark chocolate and almonds. The only food articles I am likely to consume in the list are chocolates and almonds.
But I cannot afford to indulge too much in chocolates (and almonds) as they are high calorie foodstuffs. But, in moderation, they are good for your health. I am not the sort of calorie-counter but I do maintain a healthy weight. So chocolates are not too bad for me, after all!

Friendship too has theories!

Facebook is dying, naturally. Everything that begins has to end. That was what happened to Orkut. It is what is happening to Facebook.

I had been losing interest in Facebook when one of my friends started this secret group. Here all started posting photos and comments teasing each other which we would not normally post in public. It soon became a hit, and word spread around. Now, more friends wants to join. I really wanted them too to be part of the fun, hence I added them. But the admin, another friend of mine, doesn’t want to make it open for them. I felt sorry for them.

Obviously, the radii of friendships greatly differ among people.

Friendships are an integral part of human life. As with any other thing, experts have put forward views and theories regarding friendship too!

1. The Alliance Hypothesis
We make friends to side with us in arguments. The more we have on our side, the more stronger we feel!
Ooh! That sounds like we’re in for a fight!

2. The Familiarity Hypothesis
The more familiar we get with the person-the more we see him, the more we know him – we get closer.
That would explain the alphabet segregation I observe in schools and colleges. The closer persons are in the roll list, the more probability they are together in classes.

3.The Similarity Hypothesis
Classic “Birds of the same feather flock together”. No further explanation required!

4. The Exchange Hypothesis
One befriends another looking at the rewards of being in the relationship. Ugh! I hate the very idea of this!

Research says that alliance hypothesis is the best explanation for friendships.

Interesting!  I thought friendship was an unconditional love and liking for the other person, no matter what side of the argument he takes. Didn’t we all learn that we must expect nothing out of a relationship, and here’s the research, telling us we don’t do anything simply out of concern!

Why you should not wear glasses if you are tall

Primary school.  Blackboard. Ah! I always wanted to write on the blackboard. And clean it. You know, if they accepted people to clean the blackboard in any school, I’d be the first to jump in line. No, maybe not now. But if the 7-year-old me got the job, it would have been heaven for me.

Oops. I’m off the topic. Yes, Primary school and blackboard, again. It’s from there you keep copying things into your notebook. The farther forward you sat, the better you saw. In fact, I could see it from all corners of the classroom, but that’s what I thought then. No, what I thought was not wrong, it was right. There were these big, tall, bespectacled ones who always were seated in the front, blocking the view of the poor normal-sized, “unspectacled” ones seated behind them.

The teacher then shifts our places, once in a while; and the very next day, these four-eyed giants would bring letters from their parents, asking to be seated forward. And lo! It’s the same old story again, with a change of scenery. What, they have four eyes already, and that’s not enough? And why, why did they have to be so tall?

Skip to college.

Now, in college, you better not be wearing glasses if you are tall. For your own good. Students are much more likely to snooze in college, than in school according to a study. And the “glassed” ones are more likely to doze off holding on to their (false) belief that two of their eyes “never sleep”. (This is a thesis one of my teachers will be working upon, the findings of which I shall inform you in due course). Hence among the sleeping beauties, if you are taller, naturally you are more likely to get spotted and fired.

Research shows that tall guys with glasses get laid less as it gives the girl the sense of somebody peering down at you as if you are insignificant. And they are more likely to get retinal detachment. The previous two lines are BS. Obviously, I made them up.

So better not wear glasses. Or even better get a surgery to shorten yourself.

You might say there is a third option, but come on, who can put off their sleep? It’s only human nature! There’s nothing wrong in it! And don’t get me started on the benefits of sleep!