Of Chocolates and Hormones!

What is this deal with women and chocolates?
The very sight or thought of chocolates makes my mouth water. I hear it is the same with very many females. Chocolate is just one thing females can’t resist. But we cannot afford to give into our cravings! ’cause it makes us fat and we can’t afford to be so! How easy (and yummy!) it is to have the chocolate, but how hard it is to shed the kilos!


Image courtesy: http://www.umassmed.edu

And yesterday, there was this vendor in train selling chocolates. He was walking up and down the ladies’ compartment and my hands were itching to pick one despite having had a chocolate only an hour earlier. I could see some other girls eyeing his basket tentatively, weighing their options.
I am not sure about this observation, but I have seen that boys are not too much into chocolates. It made,me think, is there any relation between hormones and chocolate?
Apparently, yes.
Magnesium deficiency causes a craving for chocolate, one of those food substances having high magnesium content. Magnesium deficiency can be brought about by an excess in estrogen, as can occur in premenstrual period. Hence the craving.
Magnesium deficiency can also cause muscle cramps, like leg cramps, intestinal cramps and uterine cramps.
Some foods rich in magnesium are rice/wheat bran, watermelon seeds, dried herbs, dark chocolate and almonds. The only food articles I am likely to consume in the list are chocolates and almonds.
But I cannot afford to indulge too much in chocolates (and almonds) as they are high calorie foodstuffs. But, in moderation, they are good for your health. I am not the sort of calorie-counter but I do maintain a healthy weight. So chocolates are not too bad for me, after all!